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Audio Visual Solutions

Audio video (AV) solutions make it possible to visualize and sound content of any nature from technical schemes to concert materials and cinemas. For development of such systems automation and even artificial intelligence algorithms are used to facilitate the application and automation of many processes.

We provide solutions for control centres or monitoring teams where centralized infrastructure is deployed which integrates all nodes and objects into one centre and is visualized through video walls software at workstations of operators or specialists of a particular discipline. Such solutions usually combine and integrate a number of technologies into a single infrastructure and make it possible to broader consider and solve various kinds of problems.

EURODESIGN AV team also has an extensive experience in provision of solutions for the AV discipline such as conferencing halls, cinemas or concert halls-in the case, other scenarios and technical regulations for visual and sound systems. In these solutions the key role is played by the quality of the transmitted picture and correct acoustic in conjunction with automation for various scenarios.
Our experts are  proficient in development of AV and videoconferencing solutions of any scale complexity. There are no restrictions in terms of technology as well as the choice of brands.