Implementation of RSA Security Analytics

Client – State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ)

The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) is responsible for transforming depletable hydrocarbon reserves into financial assets generating perpetual income. SOFAZ works to preserve macroeconomic stability, ensure fiscal-tax discipline, decrease dependence on oil revenues and stimulate development of the non-oil sector. It finances major national scale projects to support socio-economic progress. SOFAZ works actively working with external counterparts and partners and is connected to the SWIFT global money transfer system.

Business challenge

SOFAZ has an extended IT infrastructure that includes a large number of network devices, software systems, user computers and peripheral equipment.
Devices that can potentially be compromised by intruders require monitoring and control tools to ensure protection and investigate suspicious activities. The fund’s software security systems no longer met their growing requirements. SOFAZ invited ED to optimize and expand the functionality of their security tools.


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ED specialists analysed the systems used in the Information Security Department, conducting sessions to elicit the customer requirement. During two months of workshops with department representatives ED built the solution design. Through a series of control sessions, the solution matured into a detailed project implementation plan. Over the next ten months the project was successfully implemented.

Business value 

The solution designed and implemented by ED enabled the client to enhance business value through the following achievements:


  • Implementation of RSA Security Analytics v11.3.
  • Connection of all critical IT data sources.
  • Centralization of systems and equipment configurations.
  • Connection of financial systems.
  • Configuration of more than ten correlation rules for each of the selected services.
  • Configuration of around 50 reports and dashboards for all critical IT services.



RSA Security Analytics v11*