IT Infrastructure for Service Centres

The Client: DOST Centre under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population

The DOST Centre provides the public with convenient access to the state’s labour and social protection services through a network of service centres. The centres use modern, electronic technology designed to ensure transparency, efficiency and public satisfaction. The friendly, welcoming centres open a qualitatively new stage in the field of social services. 

Business Challenge

The newly established DOST Centre needed IT infrastructure in order to provide operational and electronic services to labour and social protection centres throughout the country, as well as to build a modern, digital business. 

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ED established an IT infrastructure and network information system on the basis of an intelligent management system. This enables the Dost Centre to offer quality services quickly and transparently. A CISCO call centre was also installed, which provides ultra modern mobile communications. The newly created general information centre is able to store all data in total security. 

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Business Value

The IT infrastructure work realized by ED has enhanced business value for the DOST Centre by providing the following solutions: 

  • The creation of IT infrastructure in accordance with the latest technology and intelligent management tools.
  • The installation of a CISCO call centre providing inter-centre unified communications with voice and video, as well as mobility. 
  • The establishment of a network information system.
  • The establishment of an internal data storage centre.
  • The integration of the DOST Centre’s work with other public services.
  • The creation of a single Internet network in all centres.