Creation of IT Infrastructure for a Supermarket Chain

The Client: Bravo Supermarket

Bravo is the largest retailer of food and non-food products in Azerbaijan. Bravo’s aim is to offer high quality innovative products at affordable prices for middle-income families. Bravo is the first and only company in the country providing fully digital solutions in the retail sector.

Business Challenge

IT has an invaluable mission in retail, as in all sectors. IT infrastructure is required for a common management system, unified network connection and digital control of warehouses. Bravo faced the challenge of building an IT infrastructure and implementing a sophisticated security system for its chain of stores.

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ED proposed a variety of innovative solutions for Bravo. First of all, it set up a centralized information system and deployed telecommunications and service equipment and special-purpose programming. Control over sales halls, staff facilities and areas adjacent to the warehouse was enabled through an intelligent video surveillance system connected to video servers with a specially designed network and cable infrastructure. IP video surveillance provides live video streaming, video recording and video archive review for both local and remote system operators. The security system is equipped with a centralized power supply system in order to ensure uninterrupted and accident-free operation. Applying electronic IP solutions made it possible to build a flexible and easily measurable system.

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Business value

The services provided by ED have enhanced Bravo’s business value by introducing the following solutions to its retail and other operations:

  • The creation of data and voice network infrastructure for opening Bravo supermarkets.
  • Installation of a server service and network information system within Bravo.
  • Provision of an Internet telephony service.
  • Installation of a cable system and network infrastructure.
  • The creation of a unified information system to provide Bravo supermarket employees with all the necessary services.
  • The creation of a warehouse management system.