Global IT and Telecoms for LUKOIL Mid-East Limited

LUKOIL Mid-East Limited


LUKOIL Mid-East Limited is a PJSC LUKOIL subsidiary company for management of hydrocarbon exploration and production on the West Qurna-2 field in Southern Iraq.

The main goal of the Company is to implement a large-scale oil and gas production project based on innovation technologies and advanced equipment, expansion of the resource base, preserving favourable environment, rational use of natural resources, sustainable economic growth and development of social infrastructure in the areas of the Company’s operations.

The West Qurna 2 project achieved its first oil production in March 2014. By now West Qurna-2 has added the largest incremental production rate growth of 400,000 bpd in Iraq among all fields that have been put on-stream since 2009. 


Business challenge

The rapid growth and increasing importance of information systems encourage companies to seek help from specialists in this field. The challenge for Lukoil ME was to consolidate multiple IT service contractors into one unit in order to optimize costs and deliver more unified services.

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Today ED supplies a full set of IT services to LUKOIL Mid-East Limited. The scope of support includes:

  • Migration of Business Applications to local installations.
  • Migration of IT&T Infrastructure components to local installations.
  • Upgrade/Update and Adaptation of Business Applications to the latest versions and adjustment to current business processes.
  • Upgrade/Update and Adaptation of IT&T Infrastructure components to the latest versions and adjustment to current business processes
  • Upgrade/Update and Adaptation of Manufacturing Execution System & Production Applications (MES&PA) to the latest versions and adjustment to current business processes
  • Upgrade/Update and Adaptation of Geology and Drilling Automation Services to the latest versions and adjustment to current business processes.
  • Implementation of new Business Applications
  • Implementation of new Production Applications (MES&PA)
  • Implementation of new IT&T infrastructure components
  • Basic IT&T services support
  • Automated Workplace Support
  • Corporate Network Support
  • Printing, Scanning and Copying Support
  • Telephony Support
  • Mobile Communications Support
  • Radio Communications Support
  • Shared File Space Support
  • Corporate Email Support
  • Unified Communications Support
  • Internet Access Support
  • Wi-Fi Support
  • Videoconferencing Support
  • IPTV Support
  • Multimedia and Presentation Environment Support
  • Real-Time Video Streaming Support
  • Public Address and General Alarm Support
  • Operating IT&T services support
  • Printing, Scanning and Copying Systems Support
  • AWS Management and Deployment System Support
  • Microsoft Software Update Deployment Support
  • IT&T Services Monitoring System Support
  • Server Platform Support
  • Data and Service Backup Support
  • Virtualization Platform Support
  • Server Operating Systems Support
  • Databases Administration and Support
  • Terminal Services Support
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) Support
  • Active Directory (AD) Support
  • Domain Name System (DNS) Support
  • Network Time System (NTP) Support
  • Dynamic Addressing System (DHCP) Support
  • WAN and LAN Infrastructure Support (including BGP)
  • Wireless data transmission systems support
  • Cabling systems (FOCL, SCS) Support
  • Engineering systems (Power Equipment, Racks and Trays, Environmental Monitoring, Fire and GAS systems) support
  • IT Service Management Support
  • Business Applications Support Services
  • WQ2 Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) or similar Application Support
  • Unified Workflow System (UWS) or similar Application Support
  • Portal and Portal Sub-Systems Support
  • Services and Integration platform (Service Desk) Support
  • Information Management System (IMS) "Personnel" or similar Application Support
  • Corporate Data Bus SAP PI/XI Support
  • Business Applications Additional Development Services
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems Support Services
  • Production Real-Time Data Service Support
  • Production Reporting Automation Service Support
  • Real-Time Process Flowcharts Service Support
  • Production Accounting Service Support
  • Integrated Asset Modeling Service Support
  • Integrated Activity Planning Service Support
  • Production Alarm and Event Management Automation Service Support
  • Laboratory Processes Service Support
  • Well and Reservoir Information Management Service Support
  • Manufacturing Execution Additional Development Service
  • Geology and Drilling Automation Services support 
  • Real-Time Drilling Data Service Support
  • Drilling and Workover Reporting Service Support
  • Geological, Reservoir Engineering and Field Data Management Automation Service Support
  • Reservoir Simulation Tools Service Support
  • Reservoir Trend Analysis Tools Service Support
  • Petrophysical and Geological Analysis Tools Service Support
  • Geology and Drilling Automation Additional Development Service
  • Licenses and Essential Software Support
  • Engineering and Consulting services
  • Accessories supply

The contract is one of ED’s major international contracts.