Implementation of a Continuous Offender Management System

The Client: The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Justice of  Azerbaijan is a governmmental agency within the Cabinet of Azerbaijan  in charge of regulation of the justice system, overseeing the public prosecutor, maintaining the legal system and public order and instituting law reforms.

Business Challenge

The Ministry of Justice had to enable the Probation Service to improve the tracking and monitoring of prisoners on early release or on special programs. The solution had to be highly reliable, stable and user-friendly.

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The Ministry of Justice engaged ED to provide a system to enable law enforcement and correctional agencies to monitor the whereabouts and status of offenders.

ED worked with the Ministry to identify the various requirements of the law enforcement agencies. The Offender Management System implemented by ED provides a 360° view of the offender and includes the tools and modules required to address operational and regulatory needs. The system gathers data from monitored individuals and submits it securely to the Monitoring Centre within the Ministry of Justice.

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Business Value

ED’s solution enabled the customer to enhance business value by achieving the following goals: 

  • Enhanced Offender Monitoring through continuous Monitoring and Tracking of an offender’s location, both outdoors and indoors, and at varying levels of intensity. 
  • Verification of the presence of individuals within a specific perimeter at any given time. The solution allows the remote supervision of offenders’ compliance with a restrictive pre-defined schedule.
  • Enabling contact with an offender at any time through voice calls and text message.



Two-Piece Unit

  • The Two-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Unit provides precision location tracking for continuous offender monitoring. A transmitter worn by the monitored individual sends signals to the two-piece unit to verify their proximity to the tracking unit. Location data processed and stored by the two-piece unit is transferred over the cellular network using an encrypted protocol. The unit stores program configuration details and reports events according to the offender’s personal schedule and geo-zone restrictions. Bi-directional voice communication enables contact with the monitored individual at any time.
  • RF bracelet

One-Piece Solution

  • TD4i: a self-contained GPS tracking device designed to continuously monitor the offender’s location at varying levels of intensity. The One-Piece GPS Offender Tracking Device (TD4i) offers robust integration of location tracking, communication technologies and anti-tamper mechanisms to provide a reliable tracking solution.